Reveal: An Epiphany Sermon Series

Have you ever used the word “epiphany” outside of church?  If you have, you were probably referring to a moment when something “dawned on” you, or a “flash” of inspiration, a time when you finally realized something, a time when it all came together, when the “light bulb” came on over your head.  

Our Epiphany series will look at moments from Jesus life that give us glimpses of who Jesus is and who he invites us to be as his followers.

January 13 – The Baptism of Jesus

“Remember Your Baptism & Be Thankful”

Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

All of us have the need for some kind of approval.  When we receive a personal touch or we are told we have done a good job, that all makes a positive difference.  Even in the spiritual realm, when we know God is pleased, it helps motivate us to love him even more or serve in a more complete manner.  Jesus received divine approval when he was baptized at the River Jordan.  In this week’s moment we’ll look at Jesus’ baptism, remember our own, and keep them alive.  And when we do, we’ll discover that God is pleased when we walk in his ways.

January 20 – The Wedding @ Cana of Galilee

“Saving the Best for Last”

John 2:1-11

All of us run into moments of trouble.  When these times come we often see it as the beginning of the end.  With Jesus, these moments of trouble. The first miracle that Jesus every performed was during a wedding feast in a little town called Cana. The miracle was in response trouble.  And Jesus made the best out of a bad situation.  In our moment this week, we will look at how Jesus can do that for us.

January 27 – The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me

“When Jesus Went to Church”

Luke 4:14-21

All of us have been asked the question about what you want to do with your life.  It is awesome to know your purpose. In our moment this week we will see Jesus fully grown and beginning His public ministry with a clear statement about how Jesus understood His purpose and be challenged to be a part of that purpose.

February 3 -A Prophet in His Hometown

“Too Close To See”

Luke 4:21-30

All of us make assumptions about what we understand to be true and often our assumptions are unexamined.  We may have many questions, and in Jesus we find that our easy answers won’t always work.  We have expectations, but Jesus is not about meeting our exceptions.  In our moment today Jesus challenges our assumptions,   offers himself as the answer, and exceeds our expectations.

February 10 – Too Many Fish!

“Try Again”

Luke 5:1-11

According to Luke 5:1-11, when God pursues the frustrated, four things occur…

  1. When God pursues the frustrated, He convinces us of His power.
  2. When God pursues the frustrated, He convicts us of our sin and unworthiness.
  3. When God pursues the frustrated, He commissions us to serve Him
  4. When God pursues the frustrated, He causes us to value Him above all else

February 17 – Sermon on the Plain

“Plain talk about Blessings & Woes”

Luke 6:17-26

All of us talk about being blessed, when someone sneezes we exclaim “Bless You.”  But what does being blessed really mean?  In our moment today from Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain, Jesus speaks plainly about what it means to be blessed and how those blessings compare to the woes of life.

Poor vs. Rich (6:20, 24)

Hungry vs. Well-Fed (6:21a, 25a)

Weeping vs. Laughing (6:21b, 25b)

Hated vs. Praised (6:22-23, 26)

February 24 – The Centurion’s Faith

“Great Faith”

Luke 6:27-38

Even as we struggle with our sense of worthiness, all of us ultimately feel like we are, for the most part, pretty good people.  In our moment today, we discover that  the greatness of the centurions faith to believe and trust despite the obstacles.

March 3 – Transfiguration

“What Do You See?”

Luke 9:28-36 (37-43)

Throughout Epiphany we have looked at stories from the life of Jesus that have revealed to us who Jesus really is.  All of us would love to see Jesus, and thus remove all doubt.  In our moment for today, Jesus’s disciples have the chance to see Jesus in all of his glory.  However, in seeing him they are confused about who Jesus really is.  The question for us is that if we had that chance would we see Jesus as he really is or only see the Jesus we expect to see.